Monday, December 31, 2007

Rollin Rollin Rollin

December was extremely busy filled with all things holiday and that includes the nightmares of travel. The month started with Brian traveling overseas only this time we planned appropriately. My good friend Cathy scheduled her visit for the exact time that Brian was out of town.
Mall Santa - We took the kids to the mall to have their photo taken with Santa and because I have twins who crank easily we decided to get there during the weekday as soon as Santa was available. We were thrilled to find no one in the Santa line and only twelve other people in the entire mall!
Travel - Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Seattle again. Five flights for four days in Pittsburgh. We had a great time trying to visit with everyone and look forward to the next trip. Almost amazingly we kept the girls on the Seattle sleep schedule. The only glitch was TSA leaving Pittsburgh. We had six sealed bottles of baby formula that they demanded be opened before proceeding to the gate! For those who don't know the liquid formula must be refrigerated within an hour otherwise it's worthless and guess what our flights would take longer than an hour. TSA opened every bottle to find nothing and Brian "the resourceful one" was able to locate a cooler and plead for ice from a restaurant near the terminal.

Christmas Celebration - The eve of Christmas was spent downtown Seattle at the candlelighting service at Unity Church. The service was great and the music was excellent but we never heard a word! Brian had Michaela and I had Samantha. Michaela was displaying a rare act of fussiness so Brian decided to bounce her on his knee. Michaela responded with a loud burp which normally would go unnoticed however there was a pause in service so it rippled throughout the church. Outside of that it seemed as if we worked harder trying to keep them quiet as opposed to listening. Christmas morning with the girls was great, there were apparently very good girls! Christmas day was spent tag teaming to keep two infants happy and attempting to prepare for guests. I must say I think we managed pretty well.

Both girls have managed to roll from their tummy to their back, I think primarily out of frustration. They are growing and growing and gaining weight at a slow pace but nothing to be concerned about.

Michaela update - She is getting more and more hair only it's growing straight up so it's spikey. She is able to hold things in her hand and instinctively will bring it to her mouth. She is binky proud and has the thing in her mouth almost all the time, unless she is preoccupied and playing.

Samantha update - The girl is just too cute. She's not really growing a lot of hair but she sure is strong. She wants to do nothing more than stand and bobble (just like the bobble head dolls). Her vocal cords are also strong and getting stronger with each new squeal. What was once a lot of crying has evolved into a competition (with herself) of trying to squeal louder than the previous attempt. It's actually quite funny until she turns (2) and the habit hasn't stopped.

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