Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Busy November

I can't believe November is just about over and another month has passed in a nanosecond. The good news is that a lot of things occurred this month so the time has not been wasted.

Hearing Tests - Both girls failed the hearing test that was initially completed as newborns. They passed one ear but not the other, so we were told to have their hearing tested again. This time the hearing test was completed at Children's Hospital. The good news is that they passed, so we can move on to stressing about something else (nothing in particular just....everything)!

Our Maui Vacation - Have you ever considered taking two babies less than 3 months old on a plane for approximately 5 hours. Well you should. The girls were great they had bottles or pacifiers during takeoff and landing, a couple inaudible cries here and there but otherwise stupendous. The only screaming came from the toddler seated in the next isle over!

Rock Star Treatment - as is typical when going anywhere with twins babies, we were greeted like rock stars. TSA was jumping over counter tops in security to help us with this or that. Singleton parents giving us dirty looks because they didn't receive the same treatment. People commenting (both positive and negative) as you walk by, some stopping you to catch a closer glance, others holding up foot traffic to ogle and explain exactly what personalities the girls will have as young adults after observing for a mere minute and a half. The responses were utterly amazing, one couple thought surely, we had won a trip to Maui - as if traveling with children (and no grandparents or help) would be out of the question. Another couple (parents of a 6 month old beautiful little girl named Aubrey) bought us dessert out of sympathy and appreciation.

Gobble Gobble - It was the night before turkey when we returned to Seattle. The next day we started out for the grueling 45 second walk to our neighbors for a holiday treat. The Fortner Family was gracious enough to invite Samantha and Michaela, unfortunately for the Fortner's, the parents joined in. It was a great Thanksgiving filled with yummy food, great company, good drink, more yummy food and of course Xbox - Guitar Hero! Thank you Paul, Laura, Sydney and Brynn for a memorable Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned for next month when the girls travel to Pittsburgh. Pictures from November are now online.

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