Wednesday, February 13, 2008

January to Hallmark Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from Michaela & Samantha
It's hard to believe January came and went, but it did and now it's February, the day before Valentines Day.

Since our last blog the girls have started daycare 3 days a week which is perfect for Mom and the Babies are having fun too.

The entire family has had a cold. It seems that Brian and Samantha are tag teaming to see who can acquire more sicknesses. Samantha has managed to catch a continuious cold and she's been holding onto it for almost a month. The nose runs, the congestion is well...congestion, the pucking was nasty and the fevers are here one day gone the next. Suprisingly she has managed to keep in fairly good spirits when even an adult would breakdown and sulk. Samantha weighs 10 pounds now, still pretty small but not enough concern the pediatrician. She is just starting to grow some hair but most people probably wouldn't notice.

Michaela is a proud 12 pounds as of February 7th and her eyes are still so beautifully blue. As of a couple weeks ago she can turn over both directions. She is standing and talking up a storm, she likes to scream too, but not to the extent of her sister whereby there is no competition (Samantha screams louder than any of us). Michaela can shake her maracca now. The funny this is that she gets upset when she smacks herself in the head but then she becomes angry and determined to punish the maracca by holding tighter, eventualy she smacks herself again and the process continues until it's taken from her.

Standing is the new favorite thing for both of them. Now I need to figure out how to maneuver so they are both upright at the same time. I've managed to hold one in my hands and the other one is held with one leg on either side, this visual would be similar to parallel bars. It gets the job done but not very well. Both girls are pretty skilled handling objects, but they still need to pass the object from one hand to the next.

I've added photos to the picture pages (added more to December and created January and February). Soon we'll start the first solid food....stay tuned.

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