Monday, October 22, 2007

No More Preemie Diapers

Once a month seems like a long time to wait for updates. I'll try and post twice a month. The girls are doing well both have gained over two pounds each and they are growing so fast. We ponder the size and development of other children and can't believe that we'll eventually be at that point. A year seems so far away and on the other hand it feels so near. Both girls have outgrown the Preemie XS diapers & the regular Preemie diapers. They now wear newborn size diapers and the NICU clothing no longer fits. YEAH!

This month we are opening up and letting people cuddle and hold the girls. We are also out and about every week shopping or going to the Dr. or having lunch with friends. We've been doing so well that we allowed Brian to go to Taipei for 4 days. It was hard for him to be away but we sent pictures 20 times a day which helped (a little). The alone time with the girls was unforgettable but we were oh so happy for Brian's homecoming.

The biggest thing is that we introduced a pacifier. I hate pacifiers for a whole lot of ridiculous reasons but a wise women said it would be easier to ween them from a pacifier as opposed to their hands. After a lot of thought and consideration and a few rough days and nights with the girls, we agreed to try it. Samantha loves it and Michaela is off and on about it. Oh well whatever keeps the family happy, right?

Michaela: This girl is strong! No more frog leg cuddles for this one (unless she is tired) she can push from any surface under her feet and stretch out completely. She also likes to yell and talk or babble (whichever you choose). Michaela is starting to smile more often but mostly she keeps to the questioning facial expressions. She was a super star eater and now who knows what happened. She'll eat but not like she did last month we are lucky if she takes more than 2 ounces and last month she was easily taking 3+ ounces in 15 to 20 minutes.

Samantha: She feels so tiny but she'll surprise you. When on tummy time she can pick up and turn her head to either side and she is working hard at holding her head when she is upright. Samantha is a little more delicate on her feet, but still not a slacker. She smiles all the time and her eyes are always so bright. Brian said she laughed out loud the first week of October. Last week Samantha had her hips checked because she was delivered breech the results are good and all appears to be fine.

Photos - There are updates to the gallery titled Babies October 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Jenna and Brian,
Your girls are so beautiful! We hope all is well and Jamie keeps us pretty informed on the twins' situation. Take care and good luck.

Dana, Mike, Peyton, and Brice Blackburn, Lisbon Ohio