Monday, August 27, 2007

The Last Week of Pregnancy

Brian has recently gone through a nesting phase and just in time. Last week he was continuiously running around to make sure everything is perfect for the arrival of the girls.

Today we found out that the arrival is no longer a big ????. We will be induced on Saturday, September 1st. That takes us to almost 36 weeks and puts us into September. Now....unless these girls make an executive decision to abandon the plan the Dr. has laid out, we will be parents on Saturday. Brian and I are both really excited to see them and count their fingers and toes to make sure everything is really ok!

The babies are going to be pretty small and they will need to be in the NICU for a little while but we are hopeful their stay will be short. Based on the ultrasound from yesterday they may still be under 4lbs. The decision to induce was made because of their size and my blood pressure continuing to creep upward.

The two photos. The first is a photo from the ultrasound yesterday. It's a profile of each girl facing each other. The other photo which is probably a little easier to recognize is the last photo of my belly taken this past Sunday 8/26/07.

That's the update for now - the next update with be the baby arrival announcement. Stay tuned!!!


Cathy said...

How appropriate to have your babies on Labor Day weekend.

I will have my cell phone on all weekend for a call from B at 412-302-1052.

Love to you both,


Jess & Jeff Marks said...

This is it, huh?! All 4 of you will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we can't wait to see them! When labor get's tough (and it will - that's why they call it "labor!"), just picture those precious faces smiling up at you and you'll make it through like a champ!

Sherri & Tom said...

What wonderful news!!! Can't wait to see the girls!!!

We'll be thinking about all of you!

Sherri & Tom

Twanda said...

Hi Jena! Hi Brian!


I am so glad Cathy shared the good news with me. Your daughters are soo beautiful!

Now that your daughters are here, you know I've got to say my trademark phrase, "Life will never be the same, and you won't EVER want it to be!"

Jena, when Cathy shared the news and the pictures, you know what I said--"That's JUST like Jena!" Always sooo efficient. So you just had to have both babies at the same time so you'd have it all done and over with. That's just like Jena!

And Brian, I know you have a good sense of humor, so I am going to share this as well. When Cathy showed me the pictures and I saw you holding your two beautiful daughters I said, "Oh, Brian looks like a deer caught in headlights." Then a few minutes later, as Cathy was making her rounds around the office, I heard another co-worker say the same phrase--ha, ha, ha TOO FUNNY! Well, Brian, if I had two at the same time--oh my goodness!

Well, congratulations again Bozlinski Family!

P.S. And yeah--I'm still wearing the crown for longest email writer--ha, ha, ha.