Friday, August 24, 2007

34 Weeks and 5 Days

This photo was taken in the hospital the day after we were admitted. We were admitted on 8/21/07 after a scheduled Dr. Visit. My blood pressure was running a little higher than normal and the babies are really trying to find a way out (unless you are or have ever been pregnant you don't want the details).

This photo is a belly measuring 43 weeks (we are measured as if we were having one). Let's just hope Mark my trainer can bring me back to normal after all this.

The staff believes that Brian and I will be parents within the next two weeks. That means the original plan of going full term (for twins) is not highly likely. We are still holding out for September Birthdays if at all possible.

As you can see we are not hooked up to any IV's. The babies heartbeats are monitored twice daily and I am self medicating with Terbutaline (helps to slow the contractions). We are due to have an ultrasound on Monday so we'll throw out another update then.


Sherri & Tom said...

Jena you look great! Big, but great!

I'm glad to hear that the girls decided to hang out with you a little while longer before making their appearance.

We can't wait to see all of you soon!

Sherri & Tom

Lynn Guy ( said...

Jena, Richard and I are so happy for you and Brian. Who woulda' thunk it that day at the Olympus when we first met. Thanks for keeping the world posted.
Richard and Lynn Guy

Anonymous said...

Along with my parents, I am so happy for you both! I am really happy that you and the babies are doing great! Keep us all posted as you can.


Ron said...

Jena / Brian - Congrats on the new family...but Jena we will need to start back on your Ab's after the twins are born!

Best Wishes!