Monday, August 20, 2007

34 Weeks and Counting

Today marks 34 weeks of being pregnant. The original belly photo that was posted is now removed due to the humiliation I will suffer when I come to my senses. This photo is from 8/4/07 when I was playing around in the nursery. Who would have thought we could make it this far when we were first hospitalized at 27 weeks.

We are happy to make it this far, but we are really hoping for another couple weeks so the girls can come home with us rather than stay in the hospital.

To check out the latest nursery photos and a couple other albums go to


Larry & Cathy Blair said...

Damn, you are getting big, girl! But that is OK because we want to nice healthy girls when you deliver.

We'll be at your house in 11 days. Hopefully, you'll have babies to show us by then, but it doesn't really matter because we are coming anyway.

Take care of yourself and make Brian wait on you.


Larry & Cathy

Jaime said...

My God, you ARE stupid big. Maura is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her birthday buddies (hopefully). Just a few more weeks. I want to see some 6 pounders. Everyone here asks about you all the time, especially Joan. I'll see you in 33 days.


Cathy said...

Jena and B,

You are really big!! Lots keep up the good work.

Love what you two have done to the nursery...looks great!!!

Miss you and love you,


Cathy Mitchell said...

WOW, I thought i was big with my 10lb Sarah!!! We can't wait to see them on the outside. Cath and Clark