Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazing Toddlers

Two girls walking - now we're in serious trouble. Samantha started walking a day before she turned one and in less than a month she is trying to run. Michaela just started walking independently a few days ago and as I thought she is already bending over to pick up toys and walking off with them. They are able to stand up from a sitting position and take off. The funny thing is that Samantha dosen't care where she walks/runs.

Samantha reminds us of John McCain in the town hall debate walking around aimlessly as Michaela tries to concentrate during her spotlight moment!

From mid September until about a week ago I think the girls hit a growth spurt eating everything we put in front of them. This is amazing because before now trying to keep them in a high chair was tough after 10 minutes. Now they can sit comfortably anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour (even longer if we continue to let them throw their food on the ground). Michaela likes to bite into whatever we are eating. At her birthday party she liked the pizza not cut into pieces but eating directly from the slice. Michaela also prefers burgers on the bun just like the adults she models.

A little weak on the communication side of things, most other developmental milestones are being met. Now if we could only get them to stop eating the crayons and stacking instead of knocking down the blocks, we'd be in good shape.

We went to the pumpkin patch and Michaela and Samantha are now lifetime fans of Halloween. The pumpkins are kept outside in view for the girls and they routinely point at them and visit them at the window. They also enjoy spotting spiders at the grocery store, where the spiders move up and down from the ceiling. I've even been practicing scaring them. It's not cruel it's lots of fun and they really enjoy screaming (with delight)! Now they hide and wait for me to jump out after them so they can fall to the floor screaming, laughing and running behind another corner. We are excited for their first interactive Halloween.

Photos will provide you with a preview of what they will be. Enjoy!

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