Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Year in Review

Next Tuesday the girls will be one year old. It's been a wonderful year full of excitement, reflection, anticipation, and celebrations.

This year we've traveled a lot (I think more than originally anticipated) to Hawaii, Pittsburgh, DC and Aruba. The girls were wonderful almost every time. There have been more than 100 loving people in an out of their lives including both family and friends. They have tripled their birth weight and have successfully exceeded so many milestones. Can you imagine being them with so many changes happening? I'd cry too!

The best thing is that they always have someone to share it all with...their sister!

While most parents seem to forget their lives before kids I don't think that has happened to us. We certainly remember life before the girls and we cherish it (even look forward to getting it back) but we are so very amazed and delighted by them every single day. We can wait as long as needed, or 19 years (whichever comes first) to get back to the jet setting life we had. The most astonishing thing to us is how easy it is to put everything aside just to satisfy them. Whatever it takes to get the next smile or burst of laughter.

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