Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well, our Christmas was great and white! The family loves snow, B, myself and the girls. This was the year to enjoy the weather especially because B was on vacation. It snowed for days on our hill, my only word for this was INCREDIBLE! We were able to drive everywhere with Brian's car that is truly a snow machine and the girls played outside several times.

Christmas Day: While the girls were not jumping for joy at the site of gifts, we think they had an awareness of something special. And, if nothing else they always enjoy an all day grazing on food. As we opened their girfts the girls played with their toys and some of their clothes. While they preoccupied them selves Brian and I were able to open our gifts without too much interruption. For whatever reason we believe that some items should be adorned as presents are opened (as you'll see in a couple of the video's).

In the video they have their new furry coats on, with morning jammies underneath and thier new monkey slippers. They are listening to their musical christmas cards and dancing to their own tune.

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