Sunday, June 8, 2008

Very Little People

I look at them walking along the furniture and trying to climb on everything saying to myself that they are "little people." I'm amazed first of all that we have two "little people" in the house but also at how fast time passes and how quickly they are learning. At nine months and a hand full of days they appear to be so itty bitty...and well...they are. Samantha is 13 pounds and Michaela is 16 pounds, the growth gap widens between them as the bond begins to develop.

In April we went back to Hawaii. This time we tried the Big Island and it was a lot of fun for everyone. The girls had it rough though. Wake up Mom and or Dad at 4:00am, eat, sleep go to the pool, reapeat and repeat until bed time. They loved the pool and we enjoyed swimming with them. The girls handled the flights pretty well considering their naps were off and they weren't able to move around a lot.

Two trips in April! As soon as we returned from HI, we took the girls to Walla Walla Washington for some wine tasting (literally the next day).

Picture this, four hours in a car with twin 8 month old babies and only one rest stop. Actually it wasn't that bad until we hit the last hour! Based on their feedback, car seats can get real uncomfortable.

Still has lovely blue eyes and is developing quite rapidly. She crawls at a quick army crawl pace, she has started saying Da Da and occasionally I'll catch Ma Ma.

She is such a determined little person it amazes me. She will repeatedly try something until she accomplishes "her" goal, so much like her Dad and yet she has a calmness about her that doesn't really come from either of us.

More big happenings with Michaela - She is Binky Free! The girl's a superstar. She went from binky addict, to sleepy time binky, and now nothing at all. Cold turkey I might add.

Our pediatrician says she has her own growth curve. Figures! She is less than the 3rd percentile (not even on a chart). But her eating has improved significantly. There really isn't much she doesn't eat (or at least try).

Just as I was telling the entire world that she would not crawl, but likely skip that step and head straight to running down the hall...she started! She just started semi-crawling a few days ago. When she is on the hardwood floors she will, with some encouragement at her feet, place her hands to the floor and manage to scoot a couple inches. This morning she considered using her toes but thought better of it and decided to continue using that upper body hand plant pull.

Samantha's first word was Da Da and aside from screaming, and blowing raspberries, and the need to be constantly on her toes she seems in good health. Let's again not be fooled by the tiny child, she may take a little longer than Michaela for development (in certain areas) but it comes easy to her. She is a thrill seeker and enjoys all things that push the envelope!

The Pair
Both girls are getting more and more playful and also a bit shy. Samantha shows her fear with tears and Michaela turns her head away and down while still regarding you with her big eyes. So funny to watch.

Both girls are selectively ticklish (when they are in good spirits) you can barely touch them for a laugh. They love to imitate sounds and actions, unfortunately I taught Samantha how to scream YIKES!!

Developmentally both girls are right on track; unless you ask us, then of course we will go on, and on, and on and by the time we finish talking we have convinced you they are ahead of the curve!