Saturday, September 15, 2007

The First Month

Can you believe it's been a month. Time flies when you're watching the clock for the next feeding.

Aside from sleep exhaustion all is well in the family. The babies exceeded their birth weight and Brian & I are working to get them big and strong for their next Pediatrician visit. When we initially brought them home we were finger feeding them through a syringe but we are way beyond that now. They nurse and take bottles. It's great because their flexibility allows Brian to takeover when he gets home till about midnight while I try and sleep. We are still feeding them every three hours and it's nice when (almost every time) we wake them to eat (rather than hear them cry for food). On rare occasions they will test our ability and tag team us or either one of them may take forever to eat or burp. If we have a good feeding it will take me no less than an hour and a half assuming I make an effort to express milk for the girls.

Initially it took Brian and I about four days to get some sort of schedule worked out that would work for all of us. Now it's about trying to find time for visitors, sleep and time when I can eat and drink fluids. Not to mention the list of things we need to keep in mind to keep the babies healthy, it's enough to make any parent at least a little neurotic.

Differences: They are not identical, Michaela is larger than Samantha and she has larger facial features. Samantha has smaller eyes and her hair is a lighter color brown. Samantha's eyes are hazel and Michaela's are dark blue. Michaela's upper lip is more defined and her hair is a darker brown.

There is a new group of photos titled Babies September 2007.

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